NAME THAT TUNE (March 19, 2023)

Judging by the number of people stopping by
and checking out our new music blog
(Yay! You guys are the best!),
you’re already following The Rhythm Section.
If you’re not following, well you’re not interested
and I can’t force you.
As we say in Sicilian, “Basta!” which means “Enough!”
No more re-blogging of posts after today.

So, for my final re-blog, check out the questions
and see if you know the answer! Hope to see you at The Rhythm Section!

The Rhythm Section

Welcome back to another shot at Name That Tune! It’s my turn again and I have the clues; let’s see if you have the answers.

Ok, are you ready? Here are your questions:

  1. This 1965 novelty song by an English band was an instant hit, the 2nd for this group from Manchester.
  2. It’s a snappy little number with one verse repeated three times by the cheerful and likeable (not to mention ‘toothy’) lead singer. That’s right: second verse same as the first!
  3. Known for their jaunty beat sound and the singer’s tongue-in-cheek vocal style, the group ranked as one of the most successful acts in the Beatles-led British Invasion.
  4. This sing-along, bouncy tune about a famous (or infamous) ruler had teenage girls jumping around and just about losing their heads.
  5. Although the name of this group may make you think otherwise, they were a happy bunch and…

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