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The Rhythm Section

Welcome to World Music – a musical journey around the world. The object of this segment is to showcase artists from around the world, and in particular the musical styles synonymous with each country. Last week we went to wonderful Denmark, but I suspect you might need your sunglasses for E.


Music has been an integral part of Egyptian culture since antiquity in Egypt. Egyptian music had a significant impact on the development of ancient Greek music, and via the Greeks it was important to early European music well into the Middle Ages. Due to the thousands of years long dominance of Egypt over its neighbors, Egyptian culture, including music and musical instruments, was very influential in the surrounding regions; for instance, the instruments claimed in the Bible to have been played by the ancient Hebrews are all Egyptian instruments as established by Egyptian archaeology. Egyptian modern music is…

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4 thoughts on “world music – e”

  1. This reminds me of my trip to Egypt, when I heard music and song performance. They use drums, flutes etc like us, but tune is different and quite identifiable. Hopefully one day, Nancy, it will be turn of Indian music 🎶🎵🎶

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