When drunk, my wife Blaire could be a sexy vixen or a slutty bitch; tonight was definitely the latter.

Sprawled out on the deck of my boatMariposa’, Blaire slowly got to her feet and staggered toward me, one hand grasping the boat railing and the other a bottle of vodka.

For fuck’s sake, James, why do you always have to wear that ridiculous outfit?” Blaire slurred. She drained the bottle, dropping it on the deck.

This is proper nautical attire, darling, perfectly appropriate for every occasion” I replied. “But you don’t know the meaning of proper and appropriate. You’re all but falling out of your dress.”

Blaire ran her hands up and down her tanned body. “What’s wrong, Captain? Don’t you like the way I look? All the other men do” Blaire purred tauntingly.

Darling, you’re such a drunken whore” I snarled and she reached up to slap my face. I grabbed her wrist and shoved her out of the way. She fell, hitting her head. Putting the boat in neutral I quickly checked on Blaire; she was dead. I adjusted her dress and looked around the boat making sure nothing was out of place.

Heading for the dock, I made a frantic call. “Mayday! Mayday! Emergency on board ‘Mariposa’!”

The police asked a few routine questions but it was obvious my wife had too much to drink; she lost her balance and fell. It happened so fast I couldn’t prevent it … even if I wanted to.

NAR © 2023

Once again I rise to the Unicorn Challenge hosted by Jenne Gray.

41 thoughts on “MARIPOSA”

  1. (With apologies for not reading earlier – big problems with my internet connection. Handed the problem over to the Unicorns, so I hope it’s fixed now!)
    Oh yes, the kick is in that last phrase – ‘even if I’d wanted to…’ Nice one, Nancy.
    And I had a delightful time looking up Mariposa and finding the origin of the name. Thanks for that too.

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  2. Damn!*

    (Hey Ceayr! the second semi-obscure line for an old movie… cut it out, I be feeling more and more hypo-youthful when I get the reference without having to look it up!)

    * a compliment on a story that grabs the Reader by the belt and drags them down the hallway to the staircase with the broken light fixture.**
    ** a sign of a good story is how inspiring it is to the Reader in the comments section.

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  3. I’m not sure that ‘Like’ is appropriate here, Nancy, because if I show myself as a fan of uxoricide I’ll be getting pelters from the lady readers!
    Not a lovable couple, I have to say.

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