What does this picture inspire you to write? Another challenge from my friends at “What Do You See?”.

“Hey, Charlie! Phil! Get a load of these jackasses!” neighed Daryl as he stared over the fence onto the country road. “Do they really think they’re capable of winning a race? On two legs?? This takes the cake!”

“Daryl, I’m pretty sure they’re not actual jackasses” whinnied Charlie. “They just look like jackasses!”

Phil kicked up his back legs and snickered loudly. Tossing back his glossy black hair, he gave out a hearty laugh. “That was hysterical, Charlie! ’They just look like jackasses!’ Absolutely priceless!”

“Well, they’re sure acting like jackasses! What the heck are they doing?” asked Daryl.

“They’re jogging – people run around all bandy-legged with arms flailing getting all sweaty going nowhere in particular and looking pretty dumb while doing it.” Charlie explained.

Phil trotted over. “Yeah. I read about these idiots in Horse Beautiful. It’s some kind of craze, far as I can tell .. some sort of asinine exercise routine.”

“Yeah” agreed Charlie. “What a total waste of time! And there’s even more of them running around the city.”

“OMG!” laughed Daryl loudly. “Check out these two in their matching his-and-hers outfits. Look at the shape they’re in! They gotta weigh 600 pounds combined. Can you imagine them riding us? Oh, my aching back! My screaming knees!”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa! Look at what we got here, boys. Now that’s some fine-looking little filly!” exclaimed Phil as he moseyed nearer to the fence. “Oh yeah. I’d like to see her in a wet t-shirt contest!’

“She sure is something else, alright” Charlie agreed. “Check out those tiny shorts she’s wearing. She can ride me bareback any time she wants!”

“Man, now that’s one stacked number! I could watch her jog and bounce around all day!” Daryl smacked his lips.

“Hey! What are you three flea bags doing all this way from the barn? Farmer Brown’s gonna have a cow if he hears you jumped the fence again!” It was Barkley, the yellow lab who lived on the ranch. “Best get yourselves back home before someone notices you’re gone. C’mon! Giddy-up!”

“Race ya!” snorted Phil and the trio took off leaving Barkley in their dust.”

“Bunch of jackasses!” Barkley yowled indignantly. “Well, good riddance to them and woof to you, sexy lady. You jog by here often? Have I got a bone for you!”

NAR © 2022


28 thoughts on “HORSE SENSE”

    1. Thanks, Cin!! I thought ‘wouldn’t it be interesting to see what animals think about humans?’ and this was the result. Just horsing around, you might say! I had a lot of fun writing this and glad to see you enjoyed reading it. Thanks so much, girlfriend. I appreciate you! And who doesn’t love Mr Ed??? 🤣 ❣️ 🥳 🐎

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  1. A wonderful take! Loved the horse’s perspective. Good imagery. And Mr Ed is just awesome. Thoroughly enjoyed the piece. Well penned, Nancy, as always!!

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    1. Thanks, Nick. Over the years I’ve come to the conclusion that animals are an endless source of entertainment, especially when they’re being raunchy! Lol! I had fun with this one and glad you enjoyed reading it. Thanks for your comments.

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    1. Thanks, Diane. I think we all can relate to Mr. Ed in one way or another. For me it was the most memorable show and we had a good laugh over it. That was some talented horse lol!! Glad you enjoyed the story!


    1. 🤣 There’s a cartoon show here called Donkey Hodie about a donkey (duh!), her friends and a talking cloud named Clyde. It’s surreal, funny as hell and has great music. We watch sometimes with our granddaughter; it’s like tripping 🤣 😵‍💫

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