This weekend our challenge is to write a poem or story
in exactly 95 words incorporating the word “opera”.
 Please see the challenge link below the video.

About 20 years ago I discovered my son David could sing. He had been out at a karaoke bar and I heard he “blew the roof off the place” singing an Iron Maiden song.  

Well, that was enough for me. When I heard him sing I was stunned. I convinced him to join me in our church choir. He soon became lead tenor and joined several opera companies.  

Since COVID, David has not performed. You can be sure once he’s back on stage his dad and I will be right there in the front row.

NAR © 2022

🎶 🎶 🎶 🎶   🎶   🎶   🎶   🎶   🎶   🎶   🎶

NB – David is The Wandering Minstrel. This is the entire operetta starting at David’s entrance point. Please do not feel compelled to watch the entire show; however, if you do, I hope you enjoy the renaissance version of Il Mikado!

25 thoughts on “SINGING HIS PRAISES”

  1. Nancy, first of all thank you for sharing David’s amazing art.
    His voice is so…honest. And warm.
    It doesn’t get any better than this, does it cara?

    Two questions,
    – at the 47 min mark was he looking at you saying No, no don’t come up on stage and knock out my co-star😆
    – Is there any chance we could hear him sing a Maiden song?


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    1. Nick, thank you so much for your very delightful and appreciative words. I know you meant every one of them.

      David is a remarkably talented singer, a talent he obviously inherited from me 😂, but he is also one of the best people I know. I can honestly say there isn’t one person in David life in any capacity who does not love him. His wife, daughter and family mean the world to him. That, more than anything, makes me so very proud of him.

      In answer to your questions, of course he was looking at me, pleading for me not to come up on the stage and knock out his costar; nobody slaps or kicks a Sicilian mama’s son with retaliation.

      Your second question about hearing David sing some Iron Maiden, I think these days the only places that happens is in his car or in the shower!

      Thank you again, Nick. I love your comments! 🌹

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    1. Yes, that’s truly my David! Thank you for your lovely comments. David is a very talented man with a beautiful voice but more than that, he’s a very special person. I can honestly say I do not know one person who does not like David! 🌟

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    1. I’m so glad you watched the show; it’s a classic and very entertaining. Yeah, David’s got a great instrument and we’re very proud of him. He’s a terrific guy, too. Thanks so much for your wonderful comments! 🌟

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