Lucan then, Lucan now.

We all grow up. We age. It’s inevitable, a fact of life.

Over the past few months I’ve watched all my grandchildren blossom into bigger versions of their mini-selves. They are a beautiful batch, every single one of them.

But this kid, my second oldest grandchild. Lucan, age 11 going on 21. Ah, how I remember those early days with his Norman Rockwell all-American look. A little fuzzy towhead with bright blue eyes and a cute-as-can-be babyface.

Now his eyes are beguiling with crazy long eyelashes. His face is chiseled, full lips. And that pin-straight blonde hair with his own unique style. This kid’s a real looker, a charmer.

I just have one question: when did my grandson turn into Jonathan Rhys Meyers? 😎


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16 thoughts on “DON’T BLINK”

  1. haha do you think JRM is handsome, I sure do. They grow so fast don’t they. He is a very handsome boy, and it sounds like a very smart child too. Grandchildren are a blessing as are children. He was a cutie as a little one too. I bet you have fun with them and I hope you are closer than we are to ours. Sending love and hugs Nancy

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    1. Haha!! I think JRM is a hottie! I first came across him while watching The Tudors and was smitten. He’s a real bad boy from what I hear but is easy on the eyes! Lucan grew up so fast in just a couple of months; he was always a cutie but now he’s a handsome devil. He is smart and very funny too. We are blessed to have a loving family, all only 15-20 minutes away from us. I’m thrilled that my sons and their wives get together with their kids whenever they have some free time. I like knowing my boys are making an effort to stay close. Grandkids are the best; they are our baby’s babies and I couldn’t love mine more than I do! ❤️

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      1. Yes, I too was smitten by by him in the Tudors. He is very handsome.

        You are so blessed to be so close to your children and grandchildren. It is a big blessing for them too. I have always thought that in American culture we do not put the importance on extended family and understand the blessings it is for kids. I think much of Europe is different. I think they love and care for their elders and try and spend as much time as possible with their families. I am sure your children and grandchildren are blessed to be close and by their parents influences. Your grandson is very nice looking, I bet he has a good heart too. Lots of love Nancy. 🦋❤️


  2. It’s a natural process, but certainly a pleasure to see our own kids growing. Lucan looks really smart. So cool and so gorgeous! All the best 👍💐

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    1. He is all that but I cannot take anything away from my other grandchildren. They are all gorgeous and very special. It is a great pleasure seeing them grow into fine young people but I do at times miss the days when they were small. Well, we still have Colette who is only 2 1/2 years old. She will be off to nursery school in September and will blossom before we know it. Thank you for your beautiful words, KK! 💕

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  3. He is a handsome gent! I see Leonardo DiCaprio in him. Yes, we all grow up. My children are gone. I don’t know which is more painful: watching them grow and suffer and triumph over life’s trials or watching them die and think what could have been. The later I suppose. My nephew is my heart. He is a high school senior this year. A SENIOR!!! I wasn’t prepared for this. I helped raise that child…er teen. He still has the same eyes as when he was a baby watching Einstein kids and Bob the Builder…yes, we can! What am I going to do with him?!

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    1. Oh my dear! We are not meant to bury our children; the loss is inconceivable, the pain unstoppable. My heart is crying for you. You and your nephew are so lucky to have each other. Cherish the moments. 💔

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