How can such a little thing
Be so damn annoying?
Flying round my arms and legs
It’s bothersome and cloying.

Who would think that little guy
Could be such a bloody sucker?
When he sticks his fangs in me
I scream “You Motherf*#+er!”

Go away, you vile thing
I’ll swat you with a stick.
You’re not welcome in my home
You nasty little prick!

You get me every time I’m out;
My blood is extra sweet.
Come and get me, little twit!
Tonight I’m packing DEET!

The end. 🦟

NAR © 2022

19 thoughts on “ODE TO THE MOSQUITO”

  1. A Whitechapel Interlude A+
    I was right there while reading, at the back of the class taking notes and wondering who among my fellow students I would be most comfortable with breaking bread at lunchtime. Loved the dynamic that the teacher was only up until recently a student himself.


    1. Oops! Sorry Nancy, this comment was already posted on another blog… I think WordPress is up to its bizarre tricks again. I was trying to comment about your post on mosquitoes… please delete.


    1. All I know about mosquitos is they like me, whether my blood is sweet or not! I had a lot of fun writing that poem and I think the liberal use of curse words really brought the message home LOL!! 😂 🦟

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    1. Haha!! I think the cursing makes is so special lol!! Does anyone like mosquitos? That’s just weird! Keep swatting away!! 🤣 🤣 🦟 PS: The Italian word for mosquito is “zanzara” – even sounds like a mosquito … zzz zzz zzz SWAT!!

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        1. You’re right. The other night we saw fireflies (lightning bugs). I can’t remember the last time we saw those cute critters and it was so nice to see them again! ⚡️


  2. My wife used to be more vulnerable to getting bitten and I rarely got them. But lately I’ve fallen victim to the little pest. I think it has something to do with having aged and my vintage blood. You know, like fine wine.

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