For this week’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday, we were asked to “find a word that starts with the letter ‘u’ and use it however you’d like.” Someone wrote a piece about the ‘ukulele’ which got me thinking. Here’s my stream of consciousness:

How many people do you know who play the ukulele? Unless you’re from the glorious state of Hawaii, I bet your answer is the same as mine: None. 

Oh, I’ve heard people playing the ukulele. If you’re old enough you’ll remember Arthur Godfrey’s ukulele playing and his signature greeting of “How Ah Ya? How Ah Ya? How Ah Ya?”. And let’s not forget Don Ho’s “Tiny Bubbles”. Hell, even George Harrison mastered the ukulele; he played the instrument for at least 20 Beatles songs; bet you didn’t know that. I have no idea how many ukes George owned but you can be sure it was a lot; he didn’t just like the instrument – he was obsessed with it.

Still, I never gave the ukulele much thought. I had nothing against it; I just never thought about it until one day I heard something so wondrous, so ineffably sweet and touching, I sat mesmerized by the magic coming from the radio. It was only after the song was over that I realized I was crying.

Give a listen, won’t you? Don’t worry if you cry; it’ll be our secret.

NAR © 2022

NB – Israel Kamakawiwo’ole suffered from obesity throughout his life, at one point weight 757 pounds while standing 6’2” tall. He endured several hospitalizations because of his weight. With chronic medical problems including respiratory and cardiac issues, he died at the age of 38 in the Queen’s Medical Center on June 26, 1997, from respiratory failure.

PS – I read recently that some readers outside the US, especially in the UK, cannot view the videos I post. That’s a shame because they are relative to the story and make for some damn good viewing. If you are unable to watch these videos, please drop me a line in the comments section. I think there’s a way around it; how easy it is I have no idea but I want you all to get the full benefit of my stories. Thank you!

28 thoughts on “SOMEWHERE THERE’S MAGIC”

    1. Oh, I’m so glad you enjoyed the story and the music. I have since found out that two of my WP friends play the uke, including Cindy Georgakas whom I believe you know. Thank you for letting me now the video played for you. 👍🏼

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  1. Ok Nanc,
    I Can’t get the video here but you gilotta know I’ll go look on my lap top.

    In the meantime I LOVE the uke and take lessons whe I go to Hawaii and then I get home and life gets in the way but I do sing and poets some songs in my yoga class!
    I live it!!

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    1. Of course you do because you’re the amazing Cindy G!! I think subconsciously I knew that about you and the uke but forgot. Anyway, sorry you can’t play the vid but thanks for letting me know. You gotta look it up; it’s really touching so get the Kleenex out. Can you play the George Harrison vid which Mr. Bump posted? Just trying to get an idea as to what’s working and what isn’t. I love it too and reminds me a little of my dad who played the mandolin. Totally different sound but you get the idea. Have a great day Cin! Luv ya, girl!! 💕💙💕🌈

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      1. It’s often copyright. We see that a bit on Songshine just because we post lots of music. NopeNotPam (in Aus) seems to have particular trouble playing things. It seems so dumb when it’s music from the Eighties – god knows whose copyright these people think they’re protecting.

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