Story challenge by my friends at NopeNotPam  – Letter of the day: S

SALVATION!! Can you say it along with me, brothers and sisters?


Since venturing out on our long-anticipated vacation, I have discovered so much more than the sultry sun, the salty sea, the scrumptious seafood and the sinfully sleek and sensual satin sheets.

I have found salvation from stress, suffering, stiffness, strain, stenosis, sciatica and sleeplessness. And contrary to what our dear Sir Mick sings while strutting sexily on stage in all his sartorial splendor, “I CAN GET SOME SATISFACTION!”

“How?” you inquire suspiciously? Well, at the risk of sounding like a super-store salesperson, it’s all due to the soothing stress-relieving qualities of the Sidney Slider Power Recliner. 

Seriously. I shit you not.

Since we arrived at our secluded, solitary and secret get-away location, I made a startling discovery: I am living a pain-free life for the first time in several years! Yes, I’m de-stressed simply being on sabbatical but I know without a scintilla of doubt my pains have subsided significantly because of this sensational sprawling supersonic seat at our seaside suite. Keep your sardonic comments to yourself; as a self-proclaimed scholar of recliners and a reclining specialist, I know what I’m talking about and speak nothing but the truth, so help me Stickley Furniture World.

How can something so simple as this recliner make me feel like a new woman, a renewed and improved supple design of the feminine species? I have no idea! Someone seriously smarter than me designed a lounger with superb supine capabilities. All I know is something shocking happened, something so spectacular that I am singing its praises while simultaneously shedding tears of shear joy. I am in seventh heaven – so much so that I have placed an order for my very own Sidney Slider Power Recliner (since I cannot bring this one back with me). Sadly, it’s not in stock at the moment BUT in less than two very short weeks it will be on its way to my home. Stupendous!

This is no small thing and I mean that literally. Sidney (we’re already on a first name basis) is a big boy, significantly larger than what I’m accustomed to.  I shall have to find a way to make him fit but make no mistake – this scintillatingly smooth suede stunner will fit! The only question I struggled with was which color I should select – the sensual sable or the shimmering sand?

I’ll have to wait just a scant few days after my return but it will all be worth it. If you could only see the sheepish smile of satisfaction on my face.

Ah, Sidney! How sweet it is” she sighed.

NAR © 2022


37 thoughts on “SIGHING SIGHS”

    1. I’m glad the story made you smile! The chair arrived today and I am answering my emails right now as I enjoy the great stress relief after spending almost two hours rearranging the furniture in our bedroom. Now I’m the one who’s smiling! 😄

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  1. Bring out the champagne, this calls for a celebration!
    And trust me, I am not being funny or ironic. I mean it with all seriousness.
    Unfortunately, us humans, most of the times, have to be deprived of (freedom, health, love, true relationships) before we acknowledge their importance and blessing.

    Enjoy Sidney! And savor every second of that painless, invigorating wake up on Friday morning!

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    1. Thank you, my friend! If you’ve been in my shoes you know what this pain is like. No, it’s not as horrible as some others but pain is a relative thing and any bit of relief I can get I will be grateful for. Thank you for your good wishes and encouragement. I appreciate you! 💕

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    1. Wow! 🌟 That would be fantastic. 🥳 It put my body in perfect alignment. If you’re serious about looking into possibly getting the chair, let me know and I’ll send you the real name of the chair, the SKU # and where I bought it. I only changed the name to fit the parameters of the story but everything I wrote about it is true. I’ll be more than happy to send you all the info. Are you in the US? 💕


        1. Great! The recliner is called the Quincy Power Glider Recliner. The SKU # is 280215623 and it’s available at Raymour & Flannagan. It’s also on sale right now so check it out online. Good luck!! This chair is so unbelievably comfortable! 🌹 🥳 ❤️

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            1. It’s really my great pleasure! All I did was pass on some info to you… nothing any other reasonable person would do. I hope you can get the chair and, more importantly, I hope it helps you back! 💕🌹🌟💕

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    1. I’m feeling great, Cin!! Even WE had no idea how badly we needed to get away. Life has a habit of getting in the way, ya know?? I think you’re all caught up, girl. Now back to work! LOL!! 💕😂😘

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