Here is another Six “Sentence” Story challenge/invitation from my friends at GirlieOnTheEdge, the prompt word being BOOKMARK. In the (alleged) words of William Faulkner: “Punctuation be damned!” 😎

My cousin Nina and I went to Italy during the late 80s, stopping in various cities along the way including the ever-glorious Florence, famous for her art museums, precious gold markets and some of the best leather products in the world – the perfect place for two 30-something savvy American women to leisurely stroll – and it was where I fell in love with a beautifully aged and well-preserved leather bookmark engraved with the image of La Scala Opera House in Milan with the name in script below the image – soft as butter to the touch and a lovely fawn color, it immediately became my favorite accessory which I slipped into my purse after bargaining with the vendor for a ridiculously low price leaving him muttering something about “irresistible American women” and he smiled devilishly at me remarking that he could never resist a woman with eyes as green as the Mediterranean.

Nestled between the many gold and leather stores was a tiny book shop which beckoned to me and I found myself in a cramped yet delightfully appointed treasure trove overflowing with tomes of every sort, including a volume which drew me in like the proverbial moth to a flame: Grandissimo Pavarotti ­– A Celebration of the Career of the World’s Greatest Tenor on the Silver Anniversary of his Debut; as a musician and huge fan of The Maestro, I knew I had to own this jewel of a picture book and I held it in my trembling hands, opening the front cover only to discover to my amazement that it was a signed copy, one of a limited number of editions, forcing me to quickly snap the cover closed but not before sneaking another peek to make sure I hadn’t imagined seeing what was clearly there in black and white – the honest-to-goodness signature of the greatest tenor ever – which then made me glance at the price while holding my breath; there was obviously a mistake as the cost of this gem was insanely low for a first edition signed copy of anything let alone a gorgeous photo album of the magnificent Pavarotti.

Acting as nonchalant as possible for someone about to pee her panties, I gracefully waltzed up to the register, handing my selection to the young male clerk who gazed into my sea-green eyes and scanned the label without so much as a second thought; I said a silent prayer to The Creator for gracing me with such apparently mesmerizing eyes, purred a “Mille grazie” to the love-struck cashier and left the store while cradling the book in my arms like a newborn baby, not even daring to show Nina my impressive find until we were safely back in our hotel room which I insisted we return to immediately, acting more like a secret agent than even I realized, praying no one in the area noticed while being extra-careful not to look directly at anyone with my dangerously alluring occhi il colore dell’acqua del Mediterraneo.

Upon our return to the hotel, I lovingly wrapped my precious new purchases in layers of tissue paper and placed them between newly-bought scarves made of silk from Como (gifts for my mother and sister); Nina laughed at the care I took in packing, exclaiming they were just paper and leather, not the Hope Diamond, to which I explained that to me they were as fine as any jewel and she wouldn’t understand because she did not possess the heart of a musician which didn’t seem to faze her at all; however, I was very content knowing my goods were safely locked away in my suitcase and would remain there until we were back home in The States.

We were met at JFK airport by our family members who smothered us with Italian hugs and kisses, loudly thanking God for our safe flight and equally loudly admiring our tans and new Florentine gold necklaces; I’m sure the women were wondering if we had jewelry in our luggage for them – which we did – but I knew I had something even more valuable, at least to me, and I couldn’t wait to display my new book on my coffee table at home (of course, the bookmark would travel with me always in whichever book I was reading but The Maestro would remain at home, center stage, for friends to gaze upon in awe).

Now settled into my usual routine, I returned to my job in Manhattan via the Metro North train from my apartment in New Rochelle; it was a pleasant ride and I had a book with me and, of course, my beloved bookmark which was standing guard in this week’s book of choice – Agatha Christie’s “Appointment with Death”– mysteries being one of my favorite genres; however, it was an unhappy and puzzling realization when I returned home from work one day to discover my book and treasured La Scala bookmark were nowhere to be found and I had no idea what happened to them or where I last saw them (having gotten distracted by a lengthy conversation with a friend preventing me from enjoying my daily read the entire train ride); I repeatedly emptied my purse praying they would turn up but they did not so I sat at the piano to calm myself when suddenly the phone rang and an unfamiliar female voice asked for me, saying she found my book and bookmark on the Metro North (thank heavens for taping that label on the inside cover of the book with my name and phone number); fortunately the woman who found my priceless belongings lived nearby and delivered them to me that very night, and by the sparkle in her eyes I believed she knew in her soul that my beloved bookmark held a place not only in my book but in my heart as well.

NAR © 2022

30 thoughts on “THE MAESTRO”

  1. What an adventure! How can anyone resist the allure of a “tiny book shop” not to mention one half a world away? Your find? Oh, I’d be the same way – quick getaway for sure, lol
    It’s an awful feeling when you realize you’ve misplaced and possibly lost something you value. I’m glad your book, but more importantly your bookmark, was returned.

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    1. You summed it all up very nicely! If you’ve ever traveled to Florence (and prob most cities around the world), you’ll find tiny wonders tucked away everywhere you look. Those two items were treasured finds and I still have both. The bookmark gets used on a daily basis and only gets better with age. The book is safe on a shelf; it can’t compete these days with the likes of Goodnight Moon or Captain Underpants! Lol!! Thanks for your great comments. Much appreciated!

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    1. Hangers-on are my favorite type of people lol! So glad you enjoyed reading my story as much as I enjoyed writing it. My mother labeled all our clothes and belongings when we were kids and the habit stuck. It’s been a lifesaver quite a few times. Thank you for sharing your thoughts; it’s much appreciated! 🌟


  2. I was so consumed by this flawlessly written tale that a phone call interruption made me irritated. To irritate a ‘silly frog’ is rare enough to serve as the highest compliment! Love this beginning to delayed end!

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    1. I just read your comment to my husband and we both laughed; of course, I take it as high praise indeed and I’m so very pleased to know you enjoyed the story. Thank you for your refreshing post, you silly frog! 🌟 🐸 💫 🐘


  3. I have become a fan of your one-sentence paragraphs, Nancy! I read with interest not only the contents, but also how you compose your paragraphs. Loved it!

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    1. It’s so good to know you’re enjoying my work, KK! It’s actually not as easy as one might think but it’s a lot of fun when you see what you’ve accomplished. Thank you for your wonderful comments. Very much appreciated! 🌟 🐘

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  4. Ok, ok…you got Firenze, Luciano, shops around Ponte Vecchio, New York, and a max anxiety seizure inducing ending ( saved by the tag!)…all in Six Sentences …right !!…let me see if I can do better than the “occhi il colore dell’acqua del Mediterraneo” Italian….

    … I can’t…they are the masters!…

    …therefore, from the pianissimo of “savy American women” to the mezzo piano “not only in my book but in my heart too” … I applaud your pen of heart in a crescendo echoing: “Encore…encore” that can sound like ” Cuore” also! 👏


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  5. A happy-ending Six, Nancy… romantic, classic location, music, books, treasure hunting, a rare find only to be lost back home… yikes! I’m glad you were reunited with those special souvenirs of a special time. As a green-eyed person, too, I loved the refs to that colour. Never thought about the med being green – reminds me now of the shades of turquoise. Where I live it’s almost always a dazzling blue, but can change when it rains or is stormy.
    Best – Ford.

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    1. Mille grazie, Ford!! Had to get that in. Yeah, I had fun with this one — a little fiction and a lot of truth. I’ve seen the Med all shades of blue, grey and green; depends on the location and the weather. We green-eyed people are special; don’t let anyone tell you otherwise lol!! And the rarest color in the world! 🌟

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    1. Thank you Jaya! These Six Sentence Stories are so much fun to write; as you see, it’s really six paragraphs and quite difficult to keep a train of thought going without getting derailed. I appreciate you taking the time to read it and share your comments. 🌟

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