Incorporating the word “astounding”, this was written for  # Eugi’s Weekly Prompt July 19, 2022

Coffee mug in hand, I leaned over the railing of my little vacation rental staring out at the Great Barrier Reef. Recently divorced and childless, I was now truly alone for the first time in a dozen years.

Glorious sunrise, isn’t it?” a smooth Australian baritone voice remarked. I turned my head to see a ruggedly handsome man with unruly blonde hair in jeans and a sweater.

We exchanged smiles and appreciative glances. I replied that it was indeed glorious. 

He lingered for a moment or two, then declared “Well, I’m off. Snapper and mash for brekkie.” He walked a few steps and turned. “I wonder, do you like Semillon Sauvignon Blanc? “

I sipped my coffee thoughtfully and said “I haven’t had the pleasure but I do enjoy a good chilled white wine.”

“Meet me right here tonight; if you think this is a thing of beauty, you should see the sunsets. They’re astounding.” And he walked off, the clop of his boots on the deck the only sound.

He was right about the wine and the sunset. That was the last night I would ever be alone again.

NAR © 2022

19 thoughts on “TWILIGHT TIME”

    1. Thank you, Jaya. I needed a happy ending; too many stories of heartbreak and broken friendships lately. Some good music at the end to cap it off, too. Thanks for your very nice comments. 💕

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  1. What a beautiful story with a happy ending! I love stories like yours that depict the good side of life. I also love The Platters and Twilight Time is one of my favorites. Thank you so much for joining in.

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