If you’re looking for something really great to read, I suggest these wonderful books of short stories by my friend and mentor, Simon J. Wood. In addition to Simon’s previous three books, his three new ones are: Letters from Reuben and Other Stories: 40 Little Tales of Mirth, The Window Crack’d and Other Stories: 40 Little Tales of Horror and the Supranatural, and Flash Friction: 72 Little Stories. Simon’s three new books are available on Amazon in Kindle and paperback format while his three original books are also available on audio format. Some are scary, some are funny, some are ironic, some are romantic and all are fabulous. They are highly recommended and if you choose a paperback version you’ll find they are of a very fine quality, too! Click HERE to see all titles on Amazon. Simon’s website, To Cut a Short Story Short, can be found at

PS – I’ve never had a book dedicated to me before. Really quite lovely! ☺️

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