I freely admit I enjoy a good nap
The ones that overtake me so easily
Slip-sliding away in Morpheus’ lap
Asleep like a babe oh so peacefully

Sometimes I feel my eyes closing
I’m aware of the droop of my chin
There’s no harm in a wee bit of dozing
It’s no big deal and I freely give in

I can doze off at the drop of a hat
While watching TV or having a read
I stretch and purr like a contented cat
And it didn’t take any Xanax or weed

I fall asleep in the usual places
In church, on a plane or a bus
Staring at all the other yawning faces
It happens to every last one of us

I fall asleep on a massage bed
Or while getting a spa pedicure
Transported someplace out of my head
Where everything’s blissful and sure

I’d nod off in math class when I was a teen
Something that’s frowned on in school
I’d sit in the back and was never once seen
Algebra was so boring and I was too cool

One day I fell asleep at the seashore
When I awoke I was red as a beet
In all of my life I was never so sore
Couldn’t even cover myself with a sheet

Then came the days of pulling all-nighters
I’d party till dawn and then crash
Drawn to the lovers, the dreamers and writers
Trying my best not to do something rash

Up all night meant sleeping all day
My life became quite a mixed jumble
If you want to dance, the piper you pay
Either slow down or stumble and tumble

Falling in love is like falling asleep
Sometimes taking you quite by surprise
Along came a guy and I fell really deep
Married and pregnant in the blink of an eye

A baby in the house requires much work
Feeding and bathing and cleaning up poo
I am many things but I am no jerk
When my baby had a nap I did too

Having children brings so many joys
You love them with your whole heart
It matters not whether girlies or boys
Your worries begin right from the start

Children are little for only so long
The teen years come round awfully fast
I cannot sleep; could something be wrong?
They’re out and their curfew has past

The kids are no more, they’re all fully grown
And you’re proud that you did your best
They’re happily married with kids of their own
And you think now it’s your time to rest

Sorry but it really doesn’t work that way
You’ve been blessed with a couple of grands
Your kids are so busy with work every day
And the care of their babes is now in your hands

It’s not bad at all if you just use your head
When the grand-babies nap so do you
At night you sleep peacefully tucked in your bed
Cos you’ve done the best job you could do

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