Santé! It’s World Whiskey Day!

Tom Bouchard dropped two quarters into the public phone slot and dialed the number he’d scrawled on a scrap of paper. The call was answered on the third ring. “This is Andre Loubeau at Tite Frette in Gatineau. We’re closed now but will reopen at 10 AM. Please call back then.”

Tom chuckled. His old friend Jean-Luc may have changed his name to Andre but his voice was the same – a voice he would never forget. Now Tom finally had a lead to his former business partner who embezzled all the company’s money and pinned the crime on him. Tom lost everything – his wife, his home, his livelihood – and languished in jail for almost a dozen years.

At last Tom had the clue he was searching for! He felt he was due a little celebration for his persistence – some pleasant company at the bar with his old friend Johnnie Walker Red. Sipping his drink, Tom could almost smell the sweet scent of retribution and feel his hands around Jean-Luc’s neck.

Driving home from the bar, his mind racing with thoughts of Jean-Luc pleading for mercy, Tom sped past the sign which read “ROAD CLOSED”. Turning the steering wheel sharply, his car plowed through a fence, bounced off rocks, rolled down a steep hill and landed upside down in a ravine before it burst into flames.

Poor Tom. Just when things were starting to look up. Karma’s a bitch.

NAR © 2023

238 words

23 thoughts on “TITE FRETTE”

      1. I wouldn’t, life’s too short. 🙂 Besides it was a terrible analogy. I was just trying to convey the potential for a movie. Having said that, the original Italian Job from 1969 with Michael Caine is a hoot.


  1. It sure is, Nancy, especially when so creatively delivered.
    Nicely paced, for Tom’s been patient – well he had to be for a dozen years – and now that he can ‘smell the sweet scent of retribution, he settles in to complacency…
    But he hadn’t reckoned with the Sicillian Storyteller! Excellent ending.
    And Tite Frette is a real beer franchise. The things I’m learning!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The things you learn on WordPress (and Google)!
      Thanks so much for your great comments and compliments, Jenne. There are so many ways to go with a pic like that!
      Thanks for an excellent challenge week after week! 🦄


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