Mon Dieu! What is this? A Cease and Desist Order or I am to leave Montréal!

So now it is MY problem that the statues in Montréal are so inviting? They are just the right size and height for me to … how do you say? …  do my business.

Well, pardonne moi! With tasty petite scraps of poutine, tourtières, pâté chinois, fèves au lard, cretons and the like readily available, what is a pijon to do?

And where do they expect me to go? New York? Sacré bleu! I’ve heard the pigeons there are like flying rats!

Oh no, no, no! This will never do! And what’s worse, I have to go home and tell my wife!

That will be the coup de grâce for me!

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30 thoughts on “PIGEON COUP DE GRÂCE”

  1. 🤣 No kidding, mon Dieu!

    Yes, they are the symbol of peace , blah blah…but ever since they made a toilet out of my AC unit and attacked me (while on the 6th floor balcony) as I was trying to clean up…I can only say that A good pigeon is …a pigeon anywhere but where I am!

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