She’s not a bad girl, not really.

True, she’s defiant. Unruly.

Aren’t they all at that age?

Pushing the corners of
their little envelopes simply because
girls just want to have fun.

No, she’s not a bad girl.

Mischievous, naughty, uncontrollable.

But look at that adorable face.

How can anyone stay mad?

She’s not a bad girl.

Unrepentant and willful
but for heaven’s sake;

It was only a plant!

NAR © 2023

40 thoughts on “CATASTROPHE”

  1. I bet that sweet little face is hiding a sinister tendency within.
    I’ve met cats that hide until a dog lover (or person allergic to them) enters a room full of people. Then the cat mysteriously appears, ignores all the other cat lovers in the room, and climbs onto the person’s lap who has the least affinity for them. I presume that cat is snickering inside, “Hmph… I’ll show you, I’m gonna sit here regardless of whether you like it!”

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Being a dog/wolf person, I think Lucy will keep her distance🙂
        Although, for some strange reason friends’ cats come to my lap…go figure!

        🍾 Pingback is dead!


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