It had only been two weeks since Diane moved into her house in Sag Harbor and she was already questioning her decision. The house once belonged to her grandparents and she’d visited often as a little girl. Diane didn’t remember the neighborhood being so quiet back then.

The area was beautiful with its charming architecture but she saw no one except for an occasional jogger or dog walker. She hadn’t realized just how far off the beaten path her grandparent’s house was.

Now here she was, a recently divorced thirty-something with nothing but time on her hands. The cottage was lovely but she wondered how many hours she could spend in the pool. No, she needed to find something to occupy her time. She needed a job.

Diane poured herself a cup of coffee and set up her laptop on the little table in her backyard. She was about to scan the job listings when she was distracted by noises next door. Looking up she saw a man leaning a ladder against her neighbor’s house.

“They must be having work done” Diane thought and went back to her laptop. Another noise caught her attention and she saw the same man preparing his tools. She also couldn’t help noticing he was rather handsome and well-built. When he removed his shirt in the hot afternoon, Diane decided she was being a bit hasty about looking for a job.

She would be quite content here in her yard enjoying the view.

NAR © 2023

Written for the March 31, 2023 edition of The Unicorn Challenge. Jenne Gray and  C. E. Ayr have thrown down the gauntlet and I have accepted their challenge. Let the quest begin!


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