Here is my post for a new segment
of The Rhythm Section called
In The Groove.
For me to start with any group
other than The Beatles,
especially George Harrison,
just would have been wrong.
I hope you enjoy being In The Groove!

The Rhythm Section

Hi, everyone, and welcome to my first post at In The Groove! This site is dedicated to all the great songs we’ve come to love, anything from Ella Fitzgerald to Led Zeppelin. Maybe you’ll come across an old favorite you haven’t heard in a long time or find a new tune that really turns you on. My hope is that whatever videos I play here, someone will say “Yes! I love that song!”

Anyone who knows me also knows I love The Beatles so it seemed only appropriate that I open this site with a Beatles song. Now, for those of you who don’t like The Beatles (a concept I cannot wrap my head around), don’t panic – this site is not devoted to them but I believe you’re going to like what I’ve chosen today.

As Mr. Bump said in his first post, we’re going to try to…

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3 thoughts on “IN THE GROOVE (MARCH 7, 2023)”

    1. Thanks so much, D! I know I can find the concert on YouTube but I have it on my DVR and won’t erase it. I just love having it there to watch whenever the mood strikes. “I’ll See You In My Dreams” at the end leaves the biggest lump in my throat. So touching. Very glad you’re liking our page as much as we do! 💫 🎶

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