Head cocked to the right, Jake waited impatiently as I read the article he had slipped in front of me. Having been born with microtia, Jake’s right ear was small and malformed with significantly decreased hearing – just like his idol Paul Stanley from KISS – so tilting his head to one side for better hearing was second nature. 

“Mom, can we go….PLEASE?” he pleaded. “The article says 50 dogs and cats will be euthanized next week unless they’re adopted. Please, Mom! I’ve wanted a dog forever! If I can get a dog for Christmas, I’ll never ask you for another thing for the rest of my life!!”

I slid my glasses down my nose, peering at my son in amusement, and raised my eyebrows questioningly. “That’s a really long time, Jake! I’ll tell you what. Today’s Wednesday. If you finish that book report and clean your room by Saturday, then we have a deal.” 

“Really?? I swear I will, Mom!” Jake threw his arms around my neck. “I can’t wait until Saturday!” I couldn’t help laughing at his unbridled excitement. 

Saturday finally arrived and Jake was true to his word. His report was done and his room was clean. He even found an old frame in the basement for his favorite KISS poster.

So I was true to MY word. We got to the shelter early and looked around, stopping at all the cages. After a while, I lost sight of Jake. I called out to him and was rewarded with an “Over here!” in response. I finally spotted him in the corner, bending down and staring into a cage. There weren’t any other people hanging around that section and I wondered what type of dog caught Jake’s eye. I was surprised to see it wasn’t a dog but two tiny grey kittens. 

“Hey, buddy, what’s up? I thought you wanted to get a dog. Did you change your mind?” 

Jake looked up, his big brown eyes wide in awe. “Mom,” he whispered breathlessly. “Come look. These are special cats!” Bending down to take a look, I thought “what could be so special about a cat?” My question was answered when I looked at the two fluffy grey faces and I gasped slightly at what I saw. 

“Pardon me but I see an introduction is in order” said one of the shelter volunteers. ”These are our Scottish Folds. No one wants these little guys because of their folded ears. Everyone thinks there’s something wrong with them but that’s just the way God made them.” 

“Mom, they’re just like me! I love them. Can we take them home, please?” 

“We sure can, buddy” I managed to say despite the huge lump in my throat. “What are you going to name them?” 

“That’s easy.” Jake smiled up at me. “Paul and Stanley.” 

NAR © 2017

36 thoughts on “THREE OF A KIND”

    1. Boy, if I had a dollar for every time I heard that line!! 😂

      It seems like very few people here are familiar with Scottish Folds. Nice to know we all learned something new together! 🤓

      I’ll take that white Christmas … as long as I can stay inside and watch from my window! ☃️

      Thanks, my friend. Happy December to you! 💕


      1. I’d take them both and ask if they had any more. That’s how we ended up with so many at one point…

        Speaking of undesired cats, did you know they have the worst time finding homes for black cats? I read where people don’t think they’re photogenic enough…


    1. This was one of those stories that just fell into my lap after reading an article about Scottish Folds. A little research and it all came together. Paul & Stanley! How could I resist? Thanks for your kind comments. Appreciate you stopping by! 💫


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