Denise at girlieontheedge hosts Six Sentence Stories, where she challenges us with one simple rule: write a story comprised of 6 sentences – no more, no less. This week’s prompt word is : ETERNAL and this is my story.

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So yesterday was our babysitting day for Colette; you all know Colette – my precious dropped-from-the-sky fluffy cloud filled with sugar-coated Gummy Bears, that sweetie-pie cutie-face who I love with every last aching bone of this decrepit body (my decrepit body, not Colette’s; she’s only 3 years old – I’m 103).

Now, ordinarily Colette is all the above-mentioned nouns, adjectives and what have you as you can plainly see by this pic:

But yesterday she was more like this (FYI this is not Colette; I would never embarrass my grandchildren like this; actually, I would, but I shall refrain from doing so today.

Like most three-year-olds, Colette is going through many stages; this one happens to be the phase where she’s seeing just how far she can push those buttons, how long she can stall doing what we ask her to do, how many hours she can go without sleep which is taking a toll on everyone and if that weren‘t enough, the poor thing has a cold, the full Monty complete with coughing, sneezing, bubbles from her nose and even a little vomit thrown up for good measure.

To make matters even more exciting, she didn’t want to sleep in her crib, opting to sleep on the twin bed in her room with me as her pillow. My brilliant plan was to wait until she was asleep, then gently extricate myself from under her but when I tried to move, it was impossible and as luck would have it she was sleeping like a log, dead weight on my aching wrist which was at this point howling like a caged wild animal.

But being the loving, patient Grammy that I am, I took one for the team, resigning myself that I was there for the duration and making myself as comfortable as I could, all things considered; what I did not fully realize at the time was – having just come off a horrendous cold last week – how terribly compromised my immune system was and while I cuddled up on the bed with Colette, her little germs silently crept up my chest and found their way into my body ensuring that the cycle of the eternal cold will continue with no end in sight – *cough, sneeze, cough*. 🤧

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39 thoughts on “SNOT BUCKET”

  1. Makes me shudder at the title, but can relate. I was walking with a neighbour and his child to the school bus stop, noticed the child had an extreme runny noise, and the father seemed unconcerned. I stroked my finger against the child’s nose and rid it of the excess moisture, I felt relieved, the father was still unconcerned. Beware of three year olds, they are independent, like to find their own feet, and will go to war with the world to fight for their freedom to exist.

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  2. I’ve heard that a cold is the way the body detoxes. I don’t know if that is true or not, but if you have a cold it is nice to have some comfort. Well told tale of Colette. I like your description of her phase as “where she’s seeing just how far she can push those buttons”.

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  3. You said you were going for a hat trick…but man, oh man…it’s either all the way or the highway, eh?
    Take good care, Nancy…you are lifting a lot of weights; sure, you can do it ( with one hand!💪) but preserve some stamina🙂
    And make sure that Colette, that “dropped-from-the-sky fluffy cloud filled with sugar-coated Gummy Bears, that sweetie-pie cutie-face “💌reads this post when she is older; a compensation with added interest of love is due!

    Transforming personal experience to a Six…not so easily done, more so in an engaging way; but your six points shot was all that!🌹

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    1. Oh boy, Nick! You do have a way of cheering me up and putting a smile on my face! 😀
      Trying my best to get back on my feet; these things take time, as you well know.
      You can count on Colette reading all these stories when she gets older; a Grammy’s sweet revenge lol!! 🤣
      Thanks for your encouraging words, Nick. I appreciate you ❣️

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