Still have lots to write; just gonna take me a bit longer to do it!

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) injections in my arthritic wrist. If you’re unfamiliar with PRP, a vial of the patient’s blood is placed in a centrifuge for about 15 minutes until all the good stuff rises to the top. It’s then injected into the aching joint. Significantly reduces the pain compared to cortisone and much safer for you.

Round two for my left wrist in a few weeks, then my spine. Meanwhile, right wrist must stay immobile for a while. I can wiggle my fingers and type but the cast and discomfort are slowing me down.

Don’t think I’ll be writing out too many Christmas cards this year. Hey, could be worse!

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30 thoughts on “OOFAH!”

  1. Please Rest Pronto that is what PRP stands for, Nancy.

    Sending you a “Winter’s Truest Delights Chocolat set” from MarieBelle ,NY🤗

    (It might be a not a bad idea to try for a few days voice typing at Word, so you wrist can rest properly 😉)

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      1. So far no diagnosed arthritis for me. Of course, first you have to complain to your doctor to get a diagnosis. Until now, I have not summoned the courage to go, expecting she will just say – you’re getting older, what do you expect? I’ll wait until the pain is so intense that I can only hobble into the surgery 🙂


    1. Thanks for your good wishes, K! I hope I can keep wiggling my fingers through this brace to keep writing although relaxing with a book or mindless tv – at least for a little while – sounds very appealing. Now if I can only get Misky to deliver some chocolates! 😀

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