Stop the pandering, the protecting, the outpouring cries of “civil rights” and call them what they are:


Where were the civil rights of the children they raped? Who protected the minors? Who heard their cries and screams?

My God, does no one see how hellacious this is? Does no one have a conscience? It would appear not.

Stop it! Just stop this disgusting pandering.

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19 thoughts on “IGNOMINY”

    1. Cindy, I’m the least political person I know and I avoid confrontation whenever possible but when something as heinous as this smacks me in the face, I cannot keep quiet. There are a lot of utterly foolish and border-line reprehensible things going on in our world, our country in particular (our leaders have gone down the crapper IMO), but this latest act of asinine behavior defies logic. As I said before, I have kept quiet about a lot of things because people with clever tongues and devious minds will shoot me down and make me look like a fool but this I cannot ignore. Anyone who thinks we need to take a pedophile’s feelings into consideration is part of the lunatic fringe. Child molesters should be locked in jail with their private parts hanging around their neck. Oh, I’m sorry … did that offend anyone? Too bad!

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  1. I have not read anything about this. I don’t watch the news but it sounds like something I want to read more about Nancy. When imagining a child getting sexually tested (having seen rape test kits completed with a nurse as the rape victims advocate, I can tell you I can’t imagine children being tested like this) I was sexually molested as a child but I would never have dared tell anyone what was going on. I appreciate your bringing this to our attention Nancy as I want to know what I have missed by not watching the news. School was something I loved with all my heart as a little child because it was the only safe time I really had. If you have a link my friend I would love to see it. I will do some research as well. Again, thank you Nancy for bring this to our attention. People who prey on little innocents are despicable. I was sexually molested by two uncles. Often Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACOA) are molested because if the parents are always drinking or drunk it made us easy targets. These men are very skilled at what they do, it is almost like a little courtship with a six year old in my case the first time. Sorry for such a long comment. Sending you big hugs and love, Joni


    1. Oh, dearest Joni. I know about the horrors of your childhood and my heart breaks for you. I only know about this new name of “Minor Attracted Persons” because my husband told me; he is a news junkie and keeps me in the loop. I stopped reading the news because it’s all mostly propaganda by fear mongers. However, this struck a nerve with me. How dare they (and by “they” I mean our government leaders) give pedophiles and child molesters any leeway whatsoever? How dare they even take their civil rights into consideration? Civil rights? I’m sorry … these ‘people’ are animals; they should not be given special treatment and treated like they are normal. That is pandering in the worst possible way. We’re supposed to feel sorry for them because the term “pedophile” is offensive? How fucked up is that? They should be locked up and kept from hurting anyone ever again. Furthermore, I am not willing to pay for their rehabilitation! What an insult. How anyone can look at this new name change and say what a wonderful idea it is has lost their mind! There’s very little good going on in Washington DC. Sorry, this was not meant to be a political platform; I despise politics. I wish I had a link for you. I do not but you can do what I did – google “Minor Attracted Persons” and you’ll find plenty of information. This is beyond the pale and it makes me sick to my stomach! 🤬

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      1. Oh my goodness. It sounds like the government wants to use the phrase “minor attracted persons” from pedophile. I will read the link Nancy I appreciate it. I understand the sensitivity, believe me. Children are a gift from God and precious. They are prey for abductions and slave rings too. This has become more and more true since computers and IPhones given to teenagers and pre-teens. So scary. Thanks for the info and I will research what is going on. Political issues I just can’t listen to that stuff on tv. I see enough on my computer. I read the Washington Post and Huffington Post most of the time. Thank you and I did not take this as a political platform. It is informative Nancy. Blessings and big hugs my friend. Love, Joni

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  2. It’s a common problem in all helping jobs, “common” being the problem here. I’m so happy many educators in Germany are tested for physical and mental ability to perform this job. We’re all forced to participate in training covering how to spot and prevent child abuse and mistreatment. Some may say those requirements bereave educators of the freedoms they have. But the truth is that they’re ensuring children’s rights by protecting them from stronger adults.

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    1. How can anyone say the requirements bereave educators of the freedoms they have? This disgusting name change by our illustrious government leaders is just another case of pandering. Oh, the poor child molesters and rapists feelings are hurt because they are labeled “pedophiles”. I am appalled by this action and disgusted by what our government leaders are doing. It’s a travesty of the worst kind.


      1. Now I’m reading some papers on the matter. There are some psychological differences between pedophilia and minor-attracted people, with both terms describing two different social and psychological problems. I might discuss it with some colleagues at work. But no matter what: The results will stay the same: As soon as Pedophiles or MAP act on their desires, they become child molesters.

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