Listen to the waves as they kiss the shore, the rustle of the beachgrass in the gentle breeze. The golden hues of sunrise pirouette gracefully on the terrace and across the bed. The start of another day, as blissful and serene as the one before it. Summertime.

Is that my heart beating deeply or yours? Both, you say. You caress my shoulders. Hold me in your arms as if it’s our first time, our last time. I feel free. I feel ageless. I feel more cherished than any other woman.

You are my one, my soul, my heart. I watch your profile as you gaze out the window, peaceful and content. My fingers curl through the hair on your chest, now grey. That does not matter. Only we matter.

How long have we been alone together? A thousand summertimes, you say. How long will we be alone together? For a thousand more, I reply.

You pull me closer, eyes dancing in the morning light. Let the world go on without us. We are here where we belong – alone together. 

NAR © 2022

16 thoughts on “ALONE TOGETHER”

    1. Thank you, Diane! I’m so happy to know my story touched you the way it did. It may have been a bit awkward for you to have been right there (LOL!!) but I get what you mean and I’m very flattered you felt that way. Maybe next time we’ll invite you if you promise to bring some of your daughter-in-law’s famous Bloody Marys!! 😂 🥵 🍹 💕 🌹


    1. You are too kind! The last 4 years were difficult (he fell off the roof 😳, I developed bad arthritis 😖 and let’s not forget the ‘pandemic’ 😷) but we’ve been blessed with a great relationship and a long, happy marriage. When you’re with the right partner, you can overcome just about anything … and we did. We are both lucky. Loving this vacation alone together! 🥰

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