After four long years of difficult times, including two heartbreaking family deaths, a couple of surgeries, a multitude of hellacious aches and pains, the loss of a few family pets and – oh yeah – a pandemic, we are finally going on vacation!

V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N in the Summertime!

I know, cry me a river, right! This has not been a happy time for any of us; however, you know that saying “I feel your pain!”? Well, we sorta do but your pain is your pain and my pain is my pain so let’s not get all prickly about this.

Oh, it hasn’t been all bad: during that time we welcomed a new granddaughter. I have no right to brag; after all, I didn’t make her – God did – and what a work of art she is. She can truly take the worst day and turn it into Christmas!

So, in the blink of an eye my mister and I will be heading out of town to relax, recoup, refresh and recharge. Oh, it’s nothing extravagant; just a little time by the sea (which sea, I am not saying!)

But being a creature of habit, I shall pop in from time to time; I need to see what’s going on, to check in with YOU and to write, of course.

Hasta la vista, baby! You won’t even know I’m gone!

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37 thoughts on “IT’S ABOUT TIME!”

  1. Hope you have a great vacation Nancy! Sounds like you have been through a lot so hope this vacation gives you all the rest you need! God bless 😊

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    1. Yeah, we hit a couple of rough patches but we managed to hang tough and pull through. Such is life. Hopefully we will be rewarded with a relaxing and uneventful vacation, just the two of us with nothing we need to do except enjoy our time together. Thank you for your kind words, Deano. I wish you springs on the soles of your shoes to jump high over the hurdles of life. If that fails, I wish you patience, understanding and acceptance. Remember, an outstretched accusatory finger, when turned in toward the palm of your hand, is pointing at yourself. It’s never one person’s fault. Peace ✌🏼

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