Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head! Such a lovely couple although the mister’s bow tie is a bit starchy.

I remember them as a kid. Do you? Back then they were the real deal – or perhaps I should say “the raw deal”.

Our moms always scolded us about playing with our food and then Hasbro messed with our heads by telling us to do just that. No wonder so many Baby Boomers are now in therapy!

Oh, the irony!

These days The Pot Heads are made entirely of plastic. I admit they’re much less messy but where’s the charm, the appeal, the joie de vie?

Such sweet memories but troubling ones, as well. Whenever we played with the real Potato Heads, there was always a side of mash with dinner that night. When I finally made the awful connection that I was eating my playmates, it was too late.

Oh, the humanity!

RIP, Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head. You gave your all for a tasty cause!  🥔

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