Promenaders?” Christy looked up from her homework, a confused look on her face. “Wow! Such a weird wordWonder what it means. Mom, are you listening to me?” 

Julie, Christy’s mom, stopped preparing dinner and turned to talk to her daughter. “Yes sweetie, I’m listening. I know the word and you do, too. Just think about it for a minute, Chris. Anything come to mind?” 

Christy’s face was skewed in a bewildered expression. “It sorta sounds like that weird fruit, the one  with all the red seeds in the center which you’re supposed to eat. How bizarre is that .. eating seeds? Ya know what I’m talking about, mom

Julie laughed. “You’re thinking of pomegranates, Chris!  And yes, it’s a little strange but the seeds are really delicious. I’ll get some for you to taste. Now, back to your homework .. ‘promenaders’. It’s a word you’ve heard before. Try again.”  

Christy absentmindedly chewed on her pencil, deep in thought, then smiled as though a huge secret had suddenly been revealed. “I know! Promenaders are teenagers who go to proms!” 

“Very clever, Christy girl, but not quite right. Wait .. you’ve just given me an idea! Let’s see if this jogs your memory.” Julie dashed out of the kitchen and returned with one of Christy’s old yearbooks. “Remember when everyone took square dancing in 7th grade?”  

“Sure, but what does that yearbook have to do with anything, mom? That was ages ago when I was twelve. I’m fifteen now!” 

Julie rolled her eyes. “Yes, I know .. you’re so very grown up now! Here, humor me and take a look at this picture. It’s from one of the square dances you used to go to. Read the caption.” 

Christy heaved an exaggerated sigh, took the yearbook from Julie and recited the verse:

*Then you all promenade with the sweet corner maid singing “Oh, Johnny! Oh, Johnny! Oh!”*

Christy’s eyes opened wide. “I remember that song! That’s the part of the dance when we strolled around the dance floor. So promenaders must be people who stroll!”  

“There ya go, kiddo! You got it!” Julie exclaimed. 

Christy jumped off the kitchen stool and started heading toward the stairs leading to her bedroom. 

“Hey .. where you off to? Dinner’s almost ready” Julie called out after her

I’ll be back down soon, mom. Gotta finish this essay.”  And she ran up the stairs singing “Oh, Johnny! Oh, Johnny! Oh!” 

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