There’s a quaint little road not too far from me
Where the sign by a hedge reads “Love Lane”.
People travel for miles and miles to see
The street with that enchanting name.

The houses all look like fairy-tale homes
As psychedelic butterflies flutter by.
Statues of toadstools, angels and gnomes
Make passersby grin and contentedly sigh.

There’s never a cloud-filled sky o’er Love Lane
And the flower gardens bloom all year long.
A gentle breeze spins the old weather-vane
While a cardinal whistles his song.

At the end of the street is a sweet little church
Which has seen brides and grooms come and go.
A duo of lovebirds comfortably nests on their perch
Cooing greetings to all those below.

Alongside the church is a babbling brook
Where ducklings are happily splashing.
A couple cuddles close with their poetry book
While their children are playing and laughing.

Love Lane can fill every heart with great joy
Like it’s Christmas or Valentine’s Day.
Sweet as a crush for a young girl and boy;
It’s just puppy love, or so people say.

Can a place like Love Lane really be true
Where peace, joy and harmony reign?
Is it possible to never feel lonely or blue;
To not suffer heartache or pain?

Someday as I walk down that storybook street
I’ll happen upon the true love of my life.
All the luckiest spouses on Love Lane do meet
And my lover will make me the happiest wife.

NAR © 2023

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Abigail had been waiting for this night for a long time. She was excited to be going to the gala with Charlie and she had a feeling something special was going to happen.  

Charlie came into Abigail’s life six years ago and they’d been inseparable ever since. She loved him very much and knew he loved her, too. Charlie was wonderful to Abigail’s mother Evelyn and that meant everything to her.

Abigail knew as soon as she met Charlie that he was ‘the one’. On the other hand, her mother was not easily swayed. Evelyn was an excellent judge of character, possessing the uncanny ability of sizing someone up rather quickly. It took a few times being with Charlie before she felt the same way Abigail did. He was truly a wonderful man.

Together Abigail and her mother chose the ideal dress and Evelyn surprised Abigail with her great-grandmother’s delicate seed pearl necklace. Evelyn knew in her heart this was a special night for Charlie and Abigail; she didn’t want to leave anything to chance.

As Abigail finished dressing for the dance, she heard Charlie and her mother talking downstairs. “He’s here!” she thought happily, concerned that work would delay him as it frequently did. Abigail gracefully descended the stairs, her feet barely touching the carpeted steps. She was a vision of perfection in her pale pink floor-length dress and Charlie looked more handsome than ever in his three-piece charcoal grey suit, matching tie and pale pink shirt – a hint from Evelyn, no doubt.

With a dramatic flourish Charlie produced a wrist corsage from behind his back and slipped in onto Abigail’s arm. “Your favorite, sweetheart – Lilies of the Valley” Charlie said with a smile. Abigail’s fingers lightly touched the delicate flowers. “Oh, Charlie! They’re beautiful and they smell heavenly.”

Watching the duo, Evelyn’s eyes sparkled with joy; she was so happy for her daughter. “You two look fabulous. You know, Charlie, this may be the perfect night to finally pop the question” she teased.

“Why, you must have read my mind” Charlie declared.

Abigail’s eyes widened as Charlie got down on one knee. He held her hand and said “Abby, I love you very much. Fate brought us together six years ago and I want to make it official. Please say ‘yes’ and make me the happiest man on earth. Will you allow me to adopt you?”  

“Does that mean you’ll be my daddy now?” ten-year-old Abigail asked excitedly.

“Yes, it does, Abby” Charlie replied with a grin.

“Daddy and Mommy” Evelyn added and hugged her husband’s arm as tears of joy tricked down her face.

“YES!” squealed Abigail, her fists pumping the air wildly. “This is the best night ever! I’ve been wanting a real daddy forever! I can’t wait to tell my friends at the father-daughter dance tonight!”

Abigail ran to Charlie, threw her arms around his neck and kissed his cheek. “I love you so much, Daddy! Can we go to the dance now?”

And off they went, hand in hand.

NAR © 2022