There is a place somewhere called Paris
And I’m going there on vacation today;
A city where every useless worry or care is
Forgotten and carelessly tossed away.

I don’t need to see the Eiffel Tower
Or pray at Cathédrale Notre-Dame.
I’d happily pick a delicate wildflower
Or caress a charming man’s arm.

I’d love to stroll through Pére Lachaise,
Have a chat at the grave of Jim Morrison.
I’d play him some tunes like Jimi’s “Purple Haze’’,
Just dishing the dirt with that sexy rapscallion.

You won’t catch me near the Seine for dinner;
Much too highbrow and touristy for me.
Seat me at a bar with the saint or the sinner;
We’ll close the place down at quarter past three.

Mona Lisa is enigmatic in a gilt frame so fine
But the thought of the Louvre is a total bore.
I’d rather be laughing in a park drinking wine
Or sharing a smoke on a bench with a whore.

I’ve got nothing to hide; it’s far from a secret:
When it comes to Parisian men I’m a big flirt.
The playboys in the square whisper “Come, be my pet”
And I purr “Oui, oui, mon cheri! Who will it hurt?”

There is a place somewhere called Paris
And I’m going there on vacation today.
I’ll give life a sultry lingering French kiss;
When I’m in Paris I like to do things my way.

NAR © 2023

35 thoughts on “FRENCH KISSING”

  1. You won my heart with this one, Nancy. 💓 Actually your writing captured me a while back, but this one gave me a few more beats. Thank you for being my Friday French tour guide! 😊

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  2. Oh Nancy, what memories you’ve conjured up for me! I love your view of Paris and what’s worth experiencing there. Life in all its richness… And all its sauciness! 😉 What if I told you that when I was a student, I lived there for two years? Definitely the city of romance!

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  3. I actually read this in a French accent, Nancy (and I’m not very good at accents!) – it just added to the playful fun! ‘Seeing’ the place is much better than seeing the place. 🙂

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