“Come, I want you to see something” my mother beckoned.

She showed me two graduation portraits, one of me, and one of my twin sister.

Pointing to my portrait, she said “That’s my beautiful daughter, Nancy.”

 She looked at my sister’s portrait, cocked her head and declared “I have no idea who that is”.

Blissfully unaware, no longer cognizant. 

NAR © 2023

Written for Sammi’s Weekend Writing Prompt #306

18 thoughts on “BLISSFULLY UNAWARE”

  1. Kind of a sweet way of telling this kind of story. I took care of my grandmother with Alzheimer’s and she often thought I was her mother or sister. I’d always go with it and it created some really special memories.

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    1. You really just have to go along with whatever is happening at any given moment. My mom would often stand at the window waiting for my dad to come home from the war. To remind her that he had already died would be like telling her for the first time.

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