Denise hosts Six Sentence Stories, where there is one simple rule: stories must be 6 sentences –  no more, no less. This week’s prompt word is: SILK

When my sister was born, there was no question what my parents would name her; since both my maternal and paternal grandmothers were named Rose and my maternal and paternal great-grandmothers were named Marie, my sister was given the name Rosemarie – simple, no questions asked.

When I came along four years later, there were no more available grandmother names; of course, my parents could have named me Marie Rose but even they thought that was a bit too cute although I’m sure my grandmothers and great-grandmothers would have done cartwheels over such a name. 

The search for a name expanded to include my aunts – a concept which my mother was not thrilled about since she was an only child and there were no aunt names on her side; however there were two paternal aunts, Vincenzina and Francesca and the family feud began – (would I be simply Vincenzina or Francesca or perhaps a combination of the two?) – but the argument grew as to which name would be first and which would be the middle name. 

The fighting became so intense, all visitors were told to leave my mother’s hospital room so she could rest but sleep eluded her as names kept spinning around in her head; besides, I didn’t look much like a Vincenzina or a Francesca with my peaches and cream complexion and silk-like platinum blonde hair.

After all our squabbling relatives left the hospital, the night nurse came into my mother’s room; seeing the distressed look on my mother’s face, she asked if there was anything wrong, to which my mother simply replied, “Family nonsense” and the nurse nodded knowingly, saying she understood how family members meant well but could be the cause of much upset, an explanation which pleased my mother greatly, so much so that she was inspired to ask the night nurse a question.

“Excuse me but what is your name?“ and the nurse replied “My name is Nancy … Nancy Ann”; my mother thought that was a lovely name which suited me very well and in the quiet empty room of St. Francis Hospital, my mother happily told the night nurse that was the name she wanted on my birth certificate …. And the rest, my friends is history.

NAR © 2023


37 thoughts on “THE NIGHT NURSE”

  1. What a great story! I can picture it all so vividly. When I was born my parents had a name picked out for me, Casandra Kay, but my dad was so smitten with me he immediately said I was more of a Bridgette (like his favorite actress Brigitte Bardot).

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      1. Ahh your mom was a clever woman!
        I was supposed to be Susanna Maria then my dad came home right before I was born and said how about Michele? My mom was a Francophile and thought it sounded elegant but insisted on Maria. One of the twins has Maria as her middle name too


  2. A beautiful story, i’m glad you shared it.

    My mother wanted to name me after her mother and my dad’s mother, but she knew my dad’s aunt who had helped raise him would make a stink if her name wasn’t included and put first, so her mother suggested the solution and i was named for my dad! Aunt didn’t argue since she worshiped him.

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  3. Love your story, Nancy! Your naming story reminds me of my own. The quick decision of your mom, at least. I was going to be given another name, then my mom came across the name, Michele Lee in a magazine, while she was in the hospital. I am glad for it!

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    1. It was a matter of self-preservation for my mother; there was little anyone could do after the fact. As I grew up I realized how beautiful Francesca is and I would have been quite happy with that classic name. But Nancy is a good name and you don’t hear it too often these days. Thanks for sharing your story and comments, Michele!

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  4. I love your paragraph-long sentences, which I’d never say is cheating but is definitely the definition of creative license. lol

    I also love where your name came from. (I can picture the family bickering in the room SO EASILY.)

    Great choice of song, too. (You know I love my Rat Pack music.)

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      1. A long time ago, friends and I entered a contest where the lines were limited. I want to say it was four? I can’t remember. One of my friends wrote sentences like yours. Her words were beautifully lyrical (her voice is amazing; I wish she was still writing) and the judges told her so, but she didn’t win because he said she took liberty with the rules. To me, if the writing is good, I don’t care about the rules.

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  5. A lovely story. I’m named (my real name, not Misky) after my mother’s childhood best friend who sat on a pair of sewing scissors, seriously wounding herself, and didn’t have to go to school for 6-months.

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    1. 😂😂😂
      I love you, Misky!! How you make me laugh!
      As noteworthy as that unfortunate accident was, I’m sure that’s not the only reason ‘sewing scissor girl’ was your mother’s best friend! Will we ever know Misky’s real name? Stay tuned to find out the answer!
      This is definitely one of the greatest comments I’ve ever gotten! ✂️

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  6. Mom tried to name all three of us after Dad, but he would had none of it, so I’m named for her father, Jim’s named for her grandfather, and Kip (real name Christopher) was just a name she liked…

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    1. All the first born sons in our family are are named after their fathers, not necessarily Jrs but the same first name. It get’s pretty confusing at family get-togethers! I have one friend whose 4 sons are Matthew, Mark, Luke and John … good Irish Catholics!


  7. Names are really difficult, as a kid I always told everyone that my daughter would be Sarah Anne. When she was born it was evening, and as ai sat looking at her I thought she’s a Madeline. Unfortunately the next day gifts started arriving and they all said Sarah Anne, so that is what we named her.

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    1. I never really put much stock in whether the kid looked like the name; it was just a matter of going with whatever name sounded nice. Then my grandkids came along and my DIL had their names picked out before they were born. I’ll be damned but each one has the perfect name for their personality. Weird how that turns out. Great comment, Deb!

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  8. I cannot think of a better way to name you as a baby, Nancy!
    Huge respect to your mother.
    And even if it’s only fiction in six sentences, which I doubt, that us a most beautiful story.

    Ol’ blue eyes knew what he was saying, cara:
    “No angel could replace
    Nancy with the laughin’ face.”🌹

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    1. You are beyond sweet, my dear friend, and I appreciate the fact that you say exactly what is in you heart and on your mind!
      This time my story is not fiction.
      As a child I was so relieved that my mother did not name me Vincenzina or Francesca but in hindsight I would have been very happy with Francesca. Then I hear Sinatra singing about “Nancy” and I am glad once again that is my name!
      Thank you as always for your wonderful comments! 🌹

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