The Culture Club (11 March 2023)

Mr. Bump knocks it out of the park
with this piece today.
Turn up the volume for this classic!

The Rhythm Section

Something much more sinister this week. To mid-ninetenth century Germany, and the strange world that is Richard Wagner. Much of Wagner’s music might be thought of as heavyweight, including the famous piece I will present today.

Wagner is well known for opera, and todays piece comes from the start of act 3 of Die Walküre, the second of the four operas comprising Der Ring des Nibelungen (frequently just called “the Rings”). First performed in 1870, The Ride of the Valkyries.

Okay, a tiny question for you. Post if you wish, but a simple comment will do. We often think of Valkyries as associated with the iconic movie, Apocalypse Now. Can you remind us of any other movies which use famous pieces of classical music?

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5 thoughts on “The Culture Club (11 March 2023)”

        1. I had to think for a minute, Friedrich, because I remember it as “Che?” and saw the Italian version. That doesn’t change the incredible soundtrack at all and I should have realized immediately which film you were talking about. I recall the tagline being something like “The kinkiest caper ever!” or words to that effect. A very funny movie, especially when viewed in its fast paced and clipped Italian. I wonder … do you recall the female lead character’s name was Nancy? Great comment, Friedrich! 💫 📽️


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