The writing challenge from Fandango #FFFC #183: In what way does this image inspire? 

Unseen, unwanted and alone
I’ve stood here a thousand years
Until you came, a man forlorn
And I felt your salty wet tears

Whatever caused this pain in you
And made you feel this way
Whatever broke your heart in two
Now makes my branches sway

Please come back again to me
Lay your head upon my bough
Cry your tears so tenderly
And smooth your furrowed brow

Tis life I feel again in me
Love locked in by this earth
Come back to this abandoned tree
And instill in me rebirth

NAR © 2022

20 thoughts on “REBIRTH”

  1. Of Metamorhoses…
    I love the “silence” of it, although it is a thousand years yearning.
    It could very well be the continuation/liberation of Daphne’s fate!
    Truly a Lady of the Woods!

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  2. A beautiful story, Nancy, but in my jaded, cynical mind, it sounds as if this tree lady wants to use the poor man’s pain and tears to rejuvenate her, to offer her a rebirth. So her desire is not so much to comfort him as it is to meet her own needs and wants.

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    1. Good point; however, this is not Shel Silverstein’s ” The Giving Tree”! What I was trying to convey was that the tree was once a woman who also lost love. It is her hope that he will come back and set her free so they can know love again together. Always open to opinions, though, so thanks for commenting.

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