Written for Linda G. Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt.
Linda’s prompt is to start our post with “why?”

Why do I always choose the public bathroom stall which has no toilet paper?

Why does a toothache always flare up on a holiday or a weekend?

Why does someone leave their shopping cart right next to my car in the parking lot? 

Why does someone have to tailgate me when we’re the only two cars on the road?

Why can’t I wear white after Labor Day?

Why do people sit on their horns and blast you the second the light changes?

Why don’t Twinkies ever go bad?

Why do people race to get into the express lane only to drive 50 MPH?

Why do people drive around with their radio volume turned up to “Bleeding Ears” level?

Why does the pizza place cram a large pie into a small box so all the sauce and cheese slides to one side?

Why does the guy sitting next to me on the bus smell like he ate a raw onion for lunch?

Why does the coffee at Starbucks taste like it was brewed three days ago?

Why do our driver’s license photos look like we just came off a three-day bender?

Why is there always someone in the audience at a rock concert who yells out “Free Bird!”?

Why is every other guy in England named Mick, Ian or Nigel?

Why is there always a kid kicking the back of your seat at the movie theater?

Why do pencils either have dried up erasers or no points?

Why do people recite their phone number at warp speed at the end of a voice mail?

Why is my favorite show always interrupted by some lame news report?

Why didn’t anyone ever call Kramer by his first name?

Why did The Beatles have to break up?

NAR © 2022

21 thoughts on “TELL ME…”

    1. It’s good to laugh and make others laugh along with you. I’m glad you thought these were funny, KK. I had a great time making them up and I’m so glad I brought a laugh to your day. Thanks for your kind words! 🤗

      Liked by 1 person

  1. 😆
    They are even funnier ( in a sarcastic & humorous show of defiance ) cause they are true; not just writing gimmicks!

    Thank you, Nancy for a well needed laugh.
    (*simple she said…😄🌷)

    Liked by 1 person

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