Rumors the Clown is coming to town.

He’ll take your frown and turn it upside down.

Saturday night at Monument Park West.

Come see the joker who’s the best of the best.

Yes, Rumors the Clown is coming to visit

So run children, run, or you surely will miss it 

The circus wagon chugged through the streets

Extolling Rumors the Clown’s incredible feats.

The star of tv, the stage and the screen 

Would roll into town, a sight to be seen,

This violet-haired, bumbling, zoot-suited jester,

The idol of Harold and Mary and Lester 

The kids scampered home to ask mom and ask dad

“Can we go? Can we see him? We haven’t been bad.

It’s true! It’s true! We heard and we saw

Go look it up at the newspaper store!”

Nothing this special has happened before.

Rumors the Clown will be here for sure! 

The next day the newspaper store was a-buzz

As people poured in to make sure it was just

As their children had told them, their faces a-glow

Like the bright flaming torches at the juggling show.

Could it be? Was it true? Were their children mistaken?

Were dreams fed to them by somebody faking? 

The storekeeper shouted  “You all think you’re so clever!

Stop pushing and shoving! Such discourtesy – I never!

You’re all here in my store for the very same reason –

Are the Rumors rumors true or is somebody teasing?”

The children stood round with their eyes all a-gape

When a shout rang out “Here it is, right here on page eight!” 

“Make way! Let me through” the town librarian barked.

“I’ll take a close look with my assistant, Miss Lark.”

They put on their glasses and read every word.

Was the news printed here what the children had heard?

“Now quiet everyone while I read the whole story;

If you dare interrupt me you will surely be sorry!” 

Come one and come all to the best show in town!

We’re speaking of course of Rumors the Clown.

At Monument Park West on Saturday night.

The most splendid performance will thrill and delight!

Rumors will juggle, ride bareback and walk the high wire  

And perhaps – if you’re lucky – swallow a sword blazing with fire! 

The extravaganza is free of charge to all who attend,

Sponsored by philanthropists, doctors and the hospital band

For the benefit of sick children and orphans here and there

Who desperately need fun from some people who care.

Saturday at eight – write it down and be there!

Monument Park at the west wall – that’s where!  

“That’s tonight!” someone yelled and they ran home to dress

In their dandiest clothes so they’d all look their finest.

In dresses and new shoes and even a vest

They headed out laughing, not stopping to rest

They ran all the way to Monument Park West.

But when they arrived at the end of their quest

The west wall was locked, closed to all guests. 

“There’s nobody here! Where’s Rumors the Clown? 

The newspaper ad said the west side of town!” 

And everyone cried, even mean Mr. Brown. 

In his shop the printer wore a terrible frown. 

He’d made a mistake – he deserves a fool’s crown 

For the “WEST” – not the “EAST”–  is what he wrote down. 

At Monument Park East Rumors sat crying alone 

The east side was empty for no one had shown.  

“My days as a great clown are over and done; 

It’s time to retire, go live in the clown home.” 

Blowing his nose Rumors pulled out his phone. 

“Bozo? It’s Rumors. And I’m so very alone.”

NAR © 2020

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