With vacation just one week away, Lauren was excited about buying a new bathing suit. Over the past year she had been diligent about diet and exercise and lost 65 pounds. She was proud of herself and eager to show off her great new figure.

At the mall she passed a few swimwear shops until one caught her eye. There was no loud music or glaring, off-putting lights; rather the atmosphere was quiet and relaxing. Feeling comfortable, she went in. 

Welcome” said the saleswoman. “May I help you or would you care to just browse?” 

Lauren explained her recent weight loss and asked for a few suggestions. 

Impressed with Lauren’s recent accomplishment, the saleswoman said she needed an eye-catching suit that would leave everyone speechless. Darting between display racks, she returned with three suits for her to try on – a blue and white polka dot bikini, a strapless jungle print bandeau and a simple one-piece with matching tunic set. 

Lauren entered the softly-lit dressing room. Stepping into the one-piece, her breath caught when she saw her reflection. The suit fit her perfectly, modestly showing off her curves, while the subdued shades of purple and turquoise shimmered slightly. The purple cotton tunic provided just the right amount of coverage. “I look amazing!” she whispered.        

Lauren bought the set and as a first-time patron received a coupon for 15% off her next purchase. 

During the week she was busy packing. On Friday morning an Uber picked her up for her flight to Mexico. 

In her hotel room Lauren put on her bathing suit, cover-up and stepped out into the pool area.  She found a free lounge chair and swept the tunic over her head. Suddenly she heard loud gasps, laughing and lewd whistling. Looking down she was appalled to see her beautiful new suit had turned totally transparent in the bright sunlight! 

Grabbing her tunic, she covered herself, humiliated. Immediately hotel security arrived and escorted her inside. 

“I don’t know where you come from, señorita, but here in Méjico we have laws!” barked the hotel manager. “I must insist you leave this hotel at once.” 

Back in her hotel room Lauren suddenly noticed the tiny label inside her bathing suit – “THE REVOLUTIONARY ‘DARE TO BE YOU’ COLOR-VANISHING SUIT!” 

Bags packed, she tossed the scandalous suit into the trash thinking ruefully to herself, “caveat emptor”. 

NAR © 2018

For Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #200, based on the image above from the Google Next Hub Photo Gallery.

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