The challenge for this day was to write a story of exactly 100 words about a destroyed friendship, something we all have experienced.

What makes a solid friendship come crashing down like a sandcastle, a friendship we think will test the tides of time and prevail? 

She lost a friend last night. Her friend did not die but their precious relationship did. The vitriolic words from her friend’s mouth were like a slow-burning poison in her gut. Never had she been so verbally (and needlessly) attacked. It was shocking; she will never speak with her friend again. Can anger of such magnitude reveal a person’s true colors?

What a selfish way to act. What an awful way for a friendship to die.

NAR © 2022

21 thoughts on “SANDCASTLES”

    1. Got your hugs and sending some back to you! Thanks for your very kind words. Yes, some friendships are tenuous and can fall apart before your eyes. That’s life and we go on. I’m doing well but the heat is awful! We spent the morning in the sprinkler with our granddaughter. She is so much fun! 💕

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      1. That sounds wonderful Nancy I mean the granddaughter not the heat. We are in Eastern Washington state right now visiting my husband‘s dad and it was a 103 but I know that you are in much hotter weather. Take care of yourself and thank you so much sending lots of love, Joni

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  1. A curse. And a blessing…exactly because as you said, true colors are revealed.

    (Btw, I miss the days I made sand castles like the one in the photo…wet sand in my hand, dripping from two fingers, not a care in the world but the intricacy of the castle).

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    1. So very true; a painful lesson.

      I, too, loved building sandcastle by the shore. The days flew by and we’d usually come home with a sunburn and sand in bodily areas we didn’t think possible but we were kids and didn’t care. I would never be able to spend all day at the beach these days; the heat is too much! 🥵

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