It’s a privilege to present to you a poem by my friend, Colin Cameron. I just came across this poem written by Colin on September 11, 2016 and was struck by the beauty and depth of this composition. The fact that this poem was originally written on September 11 is most profound indeed. Colin can be found on Facebook and is a member of Carefree Writers, also on Facebook. Check out his vast collection of poems on all subjects, from the ridiculously funny to the sublimely poignant. You will not be disappointed.

September 11, 2016

There’s nought so poignant than a dying swan

When such beauty wanes, like faded silken chiffon

A life of magnificence, dressed in majestic and Royal regalia

Of which only nature breeds others so familiar

No judgement on the world to bestow

Rose above the melee, so far, and way down below

In silence and romantic hue, with mate espoused for life

Intertwined necks and wings, as one they swam the lake no strife

In flight they were in unison, spans of angels wings

In jealous admiration, larks and starling sings

The ugly duckling story, fulfilled from page to fact

Remembered well, those cygnets, from eggs lovingly hatched

And now the song is almost at an end, full cycle but far too soon

Her mate succumbed to leaded weights, and fell to deathlike swoon

Solemnity overtook the swan, in her chest now beat a broken heart

Never had she loved so pure, they were destined never to part

And when she closed her eyes, for that final time

She cursed bitterly, that fisherman and his bloody line

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