The south side of Chicago is a dangerous place. Dingy bars, seedy hotels and strip joints are scattered throughout the city. Gordon Peters had a taste for all of them .. along with bourbon, brunettes and black silk stockings. 

Most nights Gordon would slither into his favorite bar, The Tender Trap, jacket collar turned up and hat low on his forehead.  He’d sit on the end barstool, order a bourbon and case the joint .. just the usual losers. But Gordon had patience. He’d nurse his bourbon, smoke his Marlboro’s and sooner or later she’d walk in .. maybe a secretary working overtime or a bored and lonely housewife. 

After about 45 minutes, she ran in from the rain, shook her damp dark brown hair, headed to the bar and ordered a martini. Glancing around the room, her eyes landed on Gordon, then looked away. He walked over and, removing his hat, asked if he could join her. She was startled to see how handsome he was – a regular George Clooney. 

Careful to retain his diplomatic demeanor, Gordon made himself comfortable. He motioned for another round. They talked for a while; her name was Christine and she had recently taken a job as Pathologist at Chicago General.  He asked if she’d like to get a bite to eat and she agreed. After dinner, Gordon was ready to make his move. 

“Look, it’s stopped raining. Let’s take a walk.” Strolling the dimly-lit streets, he suddenly pulled her into a dark alley, pinning her against the wall. She could feel his hardness against her belly and forced herself to remain calm. Slowly he pulled a black silk stocking from his pocket and, wrapping it around her neck, began strangling her. The wetness in his pants and bourbon breath repulsed her. Gagging, struggling, her eyes bulged and she slipped to the ground. Removing the stocking, he placed it across her face, whispered  “Courtesy of Gordon Peters“, and ran off. 

But Christine was smart. Being an M.E., she knew exactly how to feign death. She didn’t move until she felt safe, then ran to the nearest police station and reported the attack. The police said their detectives had been looking for this guy after four women were found strangled by black silk stockings. Now, thanks to Christine, they had his name and the name of the bar. 

The next night as Gordon left The Tender Trap he was surrounded by cops. Case closed. 

NAR © 2018

Reposted for Fandango’s

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