9:30 AM Friday/Drew texting:  “Hey! Got any plans this weekend?”  

OMG! I’m paralyzed. My biggest crush in forever is asking me if I have plans this weekend. OK, get a grip. I don’t want to appear desperate .. after all, we’ve never actually dated ..  just walks in the park with our dogs – his terrier Arlo and my pug Charlie. 

Alright. A sufficient amount of time has passed.

9:50 AM/Me texting:  “This weekend? Um…. nothing definite. What’s up?”  

Just the right tone. Cool and calm .. which I’m neither. Gotta love texting. It’s so impassive when necessary.

9:53 AM/Drew texting:  “Fantastic!  I scored two tickets to Springsteen for Saturday night in .. are you ready for this?  Vegas!”  

Vegas! I love Vegas! I’m practically hyperventilating. Settle down, girl!

10:05 AM/Me texting:  “Just double-checking my calendar. We’re good to go, Drew.”  

10:07 AM/Drew texting:  “Excellent! Even Arlo’s excited!  Can you hear him? We’ll be getting back late Sunday. Are you cool with that?”  

Am I cool with that?? It IS a bit sudden but what the hell. Just go for it.

10:10 AM/Me texting:  “Yeah, that’s fine. Hi, Arlo! How’s my buddy? Charlie can’t wait for another play date.”  

10:12 AM/Drew texting:  “This is gonna be epic, Amy. I wasn’t sure how you’d react. Hey, Arlo really misses you. I’ll be at your place tomorrow morning at 9:30.”  

10:15 AM/Me texting:  “Perfect! See you then.” 

My head’s spinning. After work:  get a bikini wax, stop at Victoria’s Secret, pack.  

Excitement kept me awake most of the night and I finally gave up at 6:30. After coffee and a shower, I finish packing and get dressed. A quick glance at the clock .. ten minutes to go. 


Forcing myself not to lunge for the door, I casually open it to see Drew’s smiling face, one arm cradling Arlo, his other arm around the shoulder of a stunning brunette in tight jeans and a Springsteen tank top. My grin has frozen in place. 

“Hi, Amy! This is Charlotte. I’m so glad you can take care of Arlo; Charlotte and I are really looking forward to this get-away weekend. Same routine for Arlo as last time you watched him. We’ll pick him up Sunday night. Thanks, Amy. You’re a real gem!”  

Taking the pup, I wave goodbye to the departing lovebirds. Slowly I close the door, my stupid grin gone as I lean against the wall snuggling Arlo. “Hear that, buddy? I’m a real gem.”  

NAR © 2018

Reposted for Fandango’s http://fivedotoh.com/2022/12/27/fowc-with-fandango-tone/

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